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Mowering motor

  Senli motors  manufacture tooling motor, mowing motor , Garden motor ,

SL120-35 D25 shaft motor is good for Electric mower of garden . 

  Working Voltage  36V   3000RPM  1200W  and 90% efficiency.

  the weight is low and more stable , low noise .( 68DB)


 SL120-35 BLDC motor without Hall sensors , run by dual mold controller , run smoothly , low noise ,

  28V --36V can work , KV70  3000RPM .  Power 1200W;

   It works smoothly , low noise and low temperature rise.

   It is with big output shaft (D25) 6x6 key way, 40mm long and cooling fan ,

  Four fixing hole and keep running stable/

 we can provide controller without Hall sensors .

Product Name: Mowering motor
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